Mariam and Pramila, graduated from Mphasis Gurukul from the beauty livelihood and both were placed at Bubbles Salon, Hyderabad. It was the first day of their job in a new city. They could not understand the language and the rapid pace of work was overwhelming. By evening, both had decided that they would go back to their hometown never to return.

But then Mariam remembered the first day at the Gurukul about 3 months back. She had been terrified even then but gradually the disciplined routine became a part of her life. She looked forward to the morning yoga that helped calm her down. She enjoyed being able to converse in English for the first time in her life! She had a circle of friends – girls just like her who had struggled all their lives because of poverty and were finally being given a chance to stand on their own feet and have a respectable career. Most of all, Mariam recalled the lessons of grit and determination they had been taught at the Gurukul.

She told Pramila,

“We cannot go. All our hard work of the past few months will be lost.”

And 6 months later…


Fast forward 6 months Mariam and Pramila are still working at Bubbles Salon and have been given an increment for their hard work along with a month’s holiday to go and visit their family.

“We learnt to be disciplined and independent at the Gurukul. We now have a good job. Our life has turned around completely and we can’t wait to come back after the holiday!” the two say excitedly.

We hope the two continue to achieve greater success with their new found confidence and perseverance!

The/Nudge Foundation’s Gurukuls are giving hundreds of underprivileged men and women like Mariam and Pramila not only a place to develop their skills, but also the confidence they need to overcome their fears and surge ahead.

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