A few days ago, when a young, smartly dressed sales executive from Eureka Forbes visited our Gurukul for a demo, it was hard to realise he was the same young man who until a few months ago was a Gurukul student – Lakshminarasinhappa, fondly called Lakshmi!

Lakshmi was born and raised in Chikballapur in a poor farmer’s family. Though he always wanted to study more and enter the corporate world, his parents could not afford to pay for his education. The young boy was disheartened, but he never gave up on his dream.

Then one day, our community engagement team visited Lakshmi and his family. They informed them about Gurukul’s free 100 days residential program where he could not only learn an essential livelihood skill like driving, or sales management but also other aspects of learning like English, and digital literacy. Lakshmi could not believe his ears – he could finally see a way to fulfill his dreams.

The Turning Point

At the Mphasis Gurukul, Lakshmi worked hard to learn everything that was being taught. He was bright, sincere and had a natural flair for sales. Needless to say, when the placement team from Eureka Forbes came, he was one of the first to be picked.  A farmer’s son who had always been told that he should stop dreaming of a career because of financial constraints, was finally getting his wish fulfilled.

Lakshmi earns a salary of Rs.18,000+ today and is extremely happy with his job. Even prouder are his parents who can see their son living his dream!

There are more dreams to be fulfilled, more who need to be nudged away from poverty to lead a life they wish they had. Know more of how we are helping these young men and women at  www.thenudge.org

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