Jyothi was only 13 years old when her parents got her married. For a poor family marrying away their daughter meant one less mouth to feed. So, at an age when she should have been playing with friends and going to school, Jyothi became a wife.

Within a year, she gave birth to her first child and by 16 she was already a mother of two. Her husband was a drunkard and beat her often. As fate would have it, he passed away leaving her with no money, and the responsibility of taking care of two children. For someone who had never gone to school or worked before, the future suddenly looked dark and bleak.

‘How would I take care of my children?’ ‘How will I earn?’ ‘Who will give me a job?’ such questions haunted Jyothi day and night.

A Career Woman

Jyothi joined Sapient Gurukul where she met others who were being given a chance to learn, earn and lead a better life. She became an inspiration for the strong resolve she displayed.

“I want my children to go to school. I don’t want them to suffer like me,” she would say.

What helped her all the more were the numeracy and financial literacy classes that made her understand the value of money and saving for the future. For the first time in her life, she opened a bank account and took a health insurance. The/Nudge has tied up with Biocon Foundation and Arogya Rakshana Yojne to let the students get a health insurance at very affordable premium rates.

We are very proud of our students like Jyothi and are inspired everyday by them. These stories of grit keeps us working harder, and with support from our partners like Sapient, we strive to give more and more people like Jyothi a chance to stand on their own feet.

Are you inspired by Jyothi’s story? Your support can give more girls like Jyothi the life they truly deserve. 
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