Vinod, a Gurukul alumni was looking for a job after graduating from the driving batch of the Gurukul. One morning he received an SMS from The/Nudge’s life/guard team, about a company who were on the lookout for drivers. Vinod applied and is now working in that company. There are thousands of our alumni, just like Vinod, who are sent regular job updates from us over SMS or a call so that it’s easy for them to get more interesting opportunities once they graduate from the Gurukul. What has made this process easier for us, allowing to conveniently communicate with our ever growing number of graduates, is the Zoho CRM software.


Alumni interaction is one way we are using Zoho. But in fact, Zoho has become a one-stop solution for the entire organisation including taking care of customer relations, drip marketing, sales, finance, HR and more.

Zoho’s simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface makes work and collaboration easy for us, even for the non-tech savvy ones. The ability to integrate various apps like Gmail, Google docs, Microsoft applications and many other third party applications help us become more productive in our day-to-day tasks.

Here are some of the things we loved,

Zoho Campaigns  

Zoho has made it very easy to send mass emails. Whether we need to connect with our partners or send job updates to students like Vinod, Zoho also offers a multitude of professional looking business templates and layouts which makes it really easy for us to communicate our ideas better for different scenarios. We can organise the data in different subscriber’s list, and send personalised mails to each list. Then, using Zoho SalesIQ we can even track the user as and when he or she clicks on the email and help them instantly using live chat through our website.

Zoho Finance Suite


Zoho makes expense collation simple and organized for organizations like us who have workplaces in different locations. Whether it’s about comparing actuals against our budgets or sharing sensitive financial documents across departments – Zoho has simplified these time-consuming processes and made them convenient. Since Zoho Finance Plus integrates with all major banks, our yearly finance process has become simple and hassle-free.

Zoho CRM

Zoho has an extremely easy interface to customize the CRM with 200+ fields. The Zoho api can automatically update leads from different channels. What we found very beneficial was the ability to create workflow rules to automate the flow of the journey of every lead. Whether we need to interact with our alumni, partners, or donors,  Zoho CRM helps us track, manage and organize the extensive data base we have built over the years.

Zoho  Social

Zoho Social has made it easy to track all our social media accounts in one dashboard. We don’t spend money on Social media ads anymore as SmartQ from Zoho Social saves us time and money by publishing our stories at the best time possible for maximum engagement. Zoho SalesIQ even tracks users who click on our social media stories and allows us to engage them in real-time as and when they visit our website.

Zoho has become an integral part of our organisation, providing solution in every aspect of management whether it is marketing, student engagement, sales, finance or integration with external applications and gateways. It is a smart, easy to use solution for all our organisational needs.


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